Monday, August 23, 2010

What a morning!

We packed up camp in the pouring rain, drove to Providence in the
pouring rain, got Evan his room key (very lucky to find parking near
by). Walked, in the pouring rain, to his residence. It is a big
residence building with a door swipe card to let him in. Unfortunately
it didn't work. So after waiting a while (in the pouring rain) someone
else used the door and we got in behind them. His room key works, and
the room looks like a nice one. Huge closet, bed, desk, dresser, book
shelf. Blank off white walls, and two windows! There'll be a great
cross breeze in the summer and potentially a wicked draught in the

After locating bathrooms, kitchen, fire exit and lounge, we headed
back (in the rain) to get his door swipe fixed, and drive his baggage
over. We could get pretty close by car, but there was no legal parking
spot in sight. Four ways flashing, he carted his stuff (and some of
mine) to his room, while I repacked the car to look empty inside.

We then picked up bags from the raddisson ( there was not enough space
in the car to do it earlier!). We found a parking lot that would let
me stay until before 8 on Wed, but it was far from campus, so we drove
back to Rez (there are far too many one way streets and construction
zones here for my liking). We then drove back to the parking lot,
dropped off the empty looking car, and walked (in the rain) to get
some much needed pizza and caffeine.

I've had enough of the rain, but all will be better when I've had a
shower and put on some less stinky and damp clothes.

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