Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th was a lucky day indeed

Worried about traffic to Provincetown we left in the morning and hung
out on a beach in Welfleet on the inside of the cape. To get there we
walked by a salt marsh and saw lots of little crabs. We climbed a
dune to get to the beach. It was low tide, and quite rocky under
foot. We were anticipating a change area like on the other beaches,
but luckily there weren't many people there, and we could change under
a towel without too much trouble. This was one of many firsts today
for Evan.

We waded and swam in the shallow calm water, and saw many tiny fish.
We ate our lunch, and warmed up and dried off and went back to
retrieve the car which was parked in an area that would be affected by
high tide. The tide was rushing in as we passed the salt marsh. We
could see the crabs scurry, and hear the water trickle onto our path.
We got out in plenty of time, and were on time for our whale watching.

There are no words to describe the whale watching adventure. Evan says
it was awesome marvellous splendid and extraordinary. It was the
first tome for Evan to see whales. We saw 28 humpback whales
breaching and flipping their tails, spouting and swimming under the
boat. Evan really wanted to ride one back to shore, or maybe a
dolphin, he says that's the bottom line. Unfortunately for Evan, we
all returned by boat after seeing a great display of a pair of
breaching whales. Even the nature interpreters and boat crew were
excited by our cruise.

After the fun and frigid boat trip we went to Race Point beach to see
the sun get swallowed by the sea.

Dinner was another first for us both. We each had lobster eating
lessons, and did pretty well! Thank goodness for bibs.

Evan still hasn't seen shooting stars. I saw more on the way back to
the campsite.

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