Friday, August 20, 2010

Look mom, no hands!

Evan's going to write up the events of our day at six flags, so I'll
keep this short.

It was a great day overall, despite running into three rides that had
"technical difficulties". The first one had a wasps nest on the track,
the second one we didn't wait to find put what the matter was, and the
third had a seatbelt issue.

We rode all the big rides, including Bizarro which we rode twice, once
in the light and then again at night. It must be a two minute ride
that takes you down sloped you'd swear were undefined (straight down,
for the non math geeks out there), and dives down underground twice.
The second time around I was challenged to ride it without holding on,
and it was scary and thrilling!

We got a few minutes of rain as we were driving back to the site, but
it never did rain on our tent. We have been fortunate to have such
sunny weather.

Stay tuned for Evan's report in the next day or so

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