Monday, August 23, 2010


We have survived thirty plus hours of rain now. Yesterday was a very
lazy day. We just hung out in the tent making sure not to touch the
walls until we slept. Mid afternoon the heavy rain stopped and we
ventured outside to create a cooking shelter and made some lunch. I
tried a recipe for peach cobbler on a camp stove. It was hot and sweet
and the peaches were good.

We played with the water collecting on the tarp, and collected our
dish water with the runoff.

We hunkered down for the heavy rain and rumbles of thunder in the
afternoon and slept on and off until morning. We awoke to wet sheets
and airmattress and a puddle at the foot of the tent. I'm glad my
girlguide training prepared me for wet camping. It isn't so much fun

We packed up our stuff this morning, wet stuff in one bag, dry in
another. We ate and then are now ready to leave this place. I'm
looking forward to four walls and a hot shower.

Off to Providence to get Evan settled--glad I got new wipers before
this trip!

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