Monday, August 9, 2010

Block island with Evan

Evan arrived at the hotel at 8:30, and pretty soon after that we were
on the road to get groceries and catch the 11:45 ferry to Block Island
from Point Judith Rhode Island.

Evan was intrigued by the American grocery shopping experience. I'm
sure that it is so different from Korea. He'll have fun trying out new
foods all year!

We made it in time for the boat, and sat on the highest deck so we
could see really well, but we also really felt the boat lurch in the
waves. It is a big boat, enough to take cars if you could afford the
$50 each way service charge plus the $9 each way charge per person.
There weren't many cars on board!

We seg off first for Mohegan bluffs and the 200 stairs down to the
sea. It was a 2 mile walk to get there, and we discovered a local
swimming hole and saw lots of very picturesque old houses. It was like
going back in time! We came across the island school, so there must
be a significant number of permanent residents.

The bluffs were breathtaking. We climbed down the wooden stairs and
had our picnic on the stony beach as the waves rolled in. It was too
wavy and slippery to swim there, but we dipped our feet in. For Evan
this was his first time in the Atlantic ocean.

After soaking up the view, we climbed back up and walked a different 2
mile route to the information center where we suited up and headed to
a more swimmable sand beach. The water was really cold but so

We had ice cream and then waited for the 7:30 boat. Apparently people
go to Block island to drink all day. There seemed to be no problem
with open alcohol on the beach. All the drunks and not so drunks
boarded the last boat and returned to the mainland, some in disarray
and others just wearing their bikinis. I guess their sunburns kept
them warm. I found it chilly and I had my long sleeves on!

After an interesting drive back in the dark, and a hot shower, we're
starting to plan the next part of the adventure. It's amazing to me
that we haven't seen each other in 3 years. It feels like yesterday
that we were touring around Korea together.

If you are ever in the area you should make the trip to Block island,
and go see Mohegan bluffs. I'm sure there are so many other great
places to see, but 4 miles of walking was more than enough for me in
the heat.

More to come tomorrow (if we find wifi). We head off to Myles standish
state park and hopefully tour a cranberry bog.

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