Thursday, August 26, 2010

Home again!

I left Providence after a nice hot breakfast and a parking ticket. Apparently street parking between 2-5AM is illegal (not that there are signs to say that). I parked in an area that had 2 hour parking between 8AM and 6PM. I guess in Providence that implies no parking after 6PM. I am so glad that my car was not towed.

It was raining of course as I pulled out of Providence (it didn't ever stop since our night at the circle c), and my full speed wipers got a full work out along the way. It's so much easier to drive long distances when the rain stopped, so I found myself taking very few breaks. The drive was faster coming home because the GPS told me to take toll roads almost the entire way. I guess driving to Connecticut made me miss some of that.

I ended up stopping for gas and caffeine, a few times, enjoying the wifi at the service stations, and resting my brain from the high speed traffic concentration.

At the superwalmart in upstate new york, I loaded up a cooler of Boca Burgers (veggie burgers that they used to sell in Canada) for my family, and headed to the border. There was no line up, and the guy seemed concerned about whether I was bringing in fire arms, mace, pepper spray or firewood. As I had none of that, it was easy to cross.

I got to Kingston, set up a wet tent, hung up wet groundsheets, washed 3 loads of wet and campy laundry, and visited with my family until I realized how tired I really was.

Today I'm going to sort through trip photos. Some will be posted here when I'm done.

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