Saturday, August 7, 2010

One More Sleep

Tomorrow I will begin this summer's adventure. I'm driving to Connecticut to visit my cousin, then to Providence RI, where I will meet up with Evan. Tomorrow Evan will get on a plane from Seoul, and end up eventually in Boston, where he will take a train to Providence, and we'll set out on the to explore Massachusetts.

In theory, everything is well planned. We have all our reservations made, including whale watching off Cape Cod, tours of many Boston museums, a day at Six Flags New England, lots of time on the beach and soaking up as much nature as possible. Evan and I haven't seen each other in 3 years, so I'm sure there's lots to talk about! He's going to be studying at Brown in the fall, and is eager to brush up on his English before he gets there.

When making campsite reservations, I had a quick look at the area on Google Maps, and noticed that this is not going to be like my experience at Girl Guide Camp, or on Outreach, where camping is done in the wilderness, or at least enough wilderness for you to forget there's a bustling world beyond the trees. This camping is going to be mostly in RV parks, and one of them happens to be right beside a hotel. They are gated campgrounds, with a driveway at each site, laundry facilities, and wifi! Hopefully things will be secure, and our neighbours will not be too loud.

The itinerary: for those who want to follow along in detail

Aug.7th- Connecticut with my cousin
Aug.8th/9th Providence RI
Aug.10th-Carver MA (Myles Standish State Park)
Aug.11th-15th Eastham MA (Atlantic Oaks Campground)
Aug.16th/17th Gloucester MA (Cape Ann Campground)
Aug.18th/19th Sutton MA (Sutton Falls Campground)
Aug.20th-22nd Voluntown CT (Circle C Campground)
Aug.23rd Evan gets to move into his residence at Brown, so we'll be getting him settled, and I'll do the long drive back sometime soon after.

We'll do our best to keep updating our progress here. It will be a search to find wifi access points, but probably not as hard as last year when I was blogging from the Nile and the Jordanian desert.

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