Sunday, August 22, 2010

Six Flags

Here is Evan's account of our day at six flags

Even though the forecast Rachel and I saw last week, the weather was totally clear, rather too hot. Actually, it's very important fact because it was our big big "amusement park" day! Since we hadn't been a grocery store for a couple of days, we decided to just finish the leftovers – bacon, granolas with milk and tea – for our breakfast. Right before we start, we accessed the wi-fi to post the blog which Rachel composed last night, and check an email for my own for a few minutes.


The GPS said it would take a little bit more than an hour to get the amusement park, Six Flags, which is in Springfield – exactly the same city name as from "The Simpson"! (Actually, I'm big fan of the Simpson.) We took a few freeways and highways by turns and thanks to the good traffic condition, it didn't take a so long time; almost on time – the noon. We took a shuttle to the main gate and entered there. Frankly it was kind of fun experience because everybody had a security inspection. It is definitely rare in Korea.


The park was very big, crowded and full of happiness. Rachel and I chose a white-wooden-roller-coaster for our very first attraction, and got in a line. Even though the weather was so hot (Rachel mentioned today's weather reminded her of the "Phone booth of Kyoto") that we got easily tired, we soldiered on for our turn firmly. However, when we almost got there, an attendant announced that they will temporarily close because of some technical problem. Since we had waited for a long time, we decided to just wait a little bit more. We kept waiting for the coaster to be fixed without any idea how long it takes and it took almost a half hour to be fixed. It turned out a bee nest on the coaster rail. Anyways we finally could enjoy our very first riding at the Six Flag, and it was very "bumpy". Rachel broke her 7-dollar-gogeors-sunglasses due to the impact. The next one we tried was very "monster-y"; it was the biggest roller coaster I've ever seen. Even though we had to wait for almost 50 minutes, I can still insist, there's no piece of regret for the waiting. It was amazing we could enjoy such a long time despite of the crazy speed.


After a few more rides, we had a lunch at such-a-fake-Chinese-restaurant. We both agreed that it was the worst Chinese food we ever had. It was kind of OK anyways, because we were too hot and thirsty to try other rides. As much as we had recharged from the lunch, we kept going for other attractions. Boat ride which makes a big water splash, tea cups which we can make a crazy g-force by ourselves, small coaster which has spinning seats, another big coaster which seats are below the rail so that we can feel we are flying, etc. Since the Six Flag closes at 9:00pm, we should choose for the very last ride. Doubtlessly, we both agreed to try the "monster" thing, Bizzarro, again. Although it is almost closing time, there was such a crowd. We could ride the attraction near the closing time, and we both tried with no hands! It was too dark to anticipate the course, so I barely could control myself. Such a tough attraction. Rachel was totally excited that she survived.


Just right after we got the car, it started to rain – almost pour. The way to the campsite, we stopped by an ice cream store, Twinny's, (we got confused because we thought it's 'Friendly') and I experienced my very first banana split. Rachel told the clerk it was my very first one, so she made an extra special decoration on it. I had a very good experience and I guess I could remember this memory forever, especially when I could have some awful Chinese food.

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