Saturday, August 21, 2010

Western weekend at the circle c campground

We arrived safe and sound last night after a lot of stop and go (but
mostly stop) traffic. Evan kept me sane by reading from a book he just
purchased. It is a pretty funny story, so time passed rather quickly.
The campground is more isolated from the real world than others we'd
been to. It's 25 minutes to the nearest grocery store-a super walmart.
Needless to say, we did not head out at 7pm to forage for groceries,
we were beat.

Dinner was interesting, and delicious because we were tired and
hungry. Quinoa and TVP stewed up together with garlic and onion
flakes, salt and pepper. Thank goodness we are by candlelight. I'm
sure it looked gross.

We were in bed by 10 with the sounds of tree frogs and crazy kids and
maybe some fireworks in the campground. I think some people stay here
all summer and drive their golfcarts around to the various activities
around here.

It's western weekend, and they have a game going where for $5 you can
have someone arrested for half an hour. From time to time you can hear
arrests being made, and girls shrieking at siblings for having them
locked up.

There was going to be a steak dinner, but the sign on the bathroom
says it is cancelled, but that the dance is still on tonight. I'm
scared to even imagine what that would be like!

This morning we slept until it was too hot in the tent, quite a
contrast from the 13 C temps last night. We wandered to the campsite
office to get Internet codes which seem to work on Evan's laptop but
not my iPod. Maybe it is one code per device, we're not sure. We
bought the breakfast of champions, coke and corn pops (in the little
boxes), and have been enjoying a very slow paced day, airing our
bedding and making lists of what to get Evan for his room. Evan is
calling his mom now. It's tough to find payphones in the USA, but
there's one at this site. I'm sure she will be thrilled to hear from

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