Sunday, August 8, 2010

Good morning Connecticut!

What a long drive yesterday! I managed to have everything packed and
the car full of gas by 8am. The border crossing, my first time driving
to the states, was ok, but they certainly asked a lot of questions.
They were curious about why I had been in Egypt, why I was alone, if I
was going camping, what my job was, what I specifically taught, what
Evan was studying and where, where I was going to stay each night--I
handed them my itinerary, then they started asking about citrus food.
I only had my water so they let me through.

I stopped for some food at a Saturday market and bought snow peas from
an Amish family.

Later I made a pit stop at Walmart to stretch, and I got a bit lost.
There is a beer aisle!

Traffic was good, and I navigated a toll road! The busiest part of
the trip was through Hartford. I'm glad it was Saturday, the regular
rush hour traffic would have been nuts!

I got here to my cousin's house just after 5 and was greeted by his
nine year old son Nathan who is full of beans, and his little sister
Meline who is almost two. We went out for dinner and came home and
watched a movie. I slept so well after such a long day.

This morning is looking cloudy...hoping that is temporary.

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