Wednesday, August 18, 2010

From Salem to Sutton Falls

Since we crashed so late last night, we slept in until the last
possible minute. We kind of have set up and take down procedures
perfected. We can be awake, cleaned up, breakfasted and on the road in
an hour.

We drove to Salem, and saw the pioneer village and had a lot of
opportunity to talk with the costumed guides. It is a small area with
only five or six buildings including a blacksmith shop and a herb

Next we explored modern day Salem and found the yarn store I had been
looking for. It sells glow in the dark nylon yarn. Evan was impressed,
and of course, I couldn't resist getting some.

The drive to Sutton was good since we missed rush hour. We set up at
our site by the beach and rented a canoe for an hour. It all sounds
great, and it was Because Evan and I were having such fun. In reality
this Camp ground is not stellar. The bathrooms are minimal and buggy
and not so clean. The shower reminds me of a really bad summer camp
shower stall after shower day. I wore my sandals for sure and enjoyed
my six minute of water that I got for my quarter. The canoe is of the
Tupperware variety and the paddles were splitting really badly and the
grip and throat were splintery. The lake is fed by surface runoff and
it hasn't rained for a month, so there is a mucky silty layer ringing
the small and smelly body of water. There is a mysterious aqua/emerald
bubbly scum in places too. We paddled all around the "lake" in fifteen
minutes, even venturing down a swampy channel that in a different
season might actually go somewhere. We saw a beaver that swam a bit
then slapped his tail on the surface. I taught Evan how to paddle in
the bow, and then we changed positions and I taught him to stern!
What a fast learner. After 45 minutes we had enough, and set off for a
"swim" in the "lake". Our site neighbours warned us of how gross the
water was, but we were brave and really hot and sweatty. Showers were
necessary after that stinky "swim".

We have been trying to cook for two hours. The wood they sold us looks
fine, but only the outer surface will burn. We are trying to cook up
our veggies and made up a few foil packets but didn't have the right
kind of fire. One was charred and the other was cold. At least the
reflector biscuits were a success. The smoky fire was driving me crazy
so Evan took over and breathed some life into the coals long enough to
cook it.

We are getting eaten alive by bugs, despite wearing socks and long
clothes and bug spray, but we are glad to see the sky beginning to
clear, revealing the big dipper and the rising moon. It's supposed to
be a great day tomorrow for rollercoasters!

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