Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Donut Holes Are Called Timbits

I heard this and knew that I was pretty far from home!

This morning I taught Nathan (9) to use my iPod touch, he got it right
away. In no time he found the games and was slingshotting angry birds
like a pro. He then schooled me in Wii games. I had never played Wii
before, and realized that my hand eye coordination is lacking! For
payback I taught him how to play hopscotch with stones and all. I
think I would have beat him but he decided slip and slide and RC cars
with the neighbour was more fun.

Next stop on my adventure was Choate Academy, where some of my cousins
went to school. The highschool vampus is huge, bigger than my
university campus!

Another 15 minutes drive took me to Yale, another big campus, lots is
being restored so I see scaffolding and beautiful buildings.

Next stop at Mystic to see the sea and then onward to Providence where
Im sure I will crash early for the night.

Evan is in the air now--he'll be so tired tomorrow!

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