Friday, August 20, 2010

A day in the life of a master

Since Evan's orientation started this morning at 8:30 we were up at
6:30 getting things packed and getting on the road. It was a smooth
drive into Providence. I was anticipating some rush hour traffic, but
since the roads were relatively clear we got to Brown sooner than
planned. We managed to get into a parking lot on campus which saved us
the 15 minute walk up a huge hill (imagine St. John's Nfld) from down

It was ok for me to join in the sessions and the tour. I now know lots
about studying abroad, and the challenges in functioning in a society
that doesn't use your mother tongue. There were 40 countries
represented on the lecture hall, and most seemed very nervous.

After hearing from Deans and a panel of international grad students,
we had lunch at the international house where Evan signed up for a
family to befriend him and teach him American culture.

Our tour through campus and the nearby shops was led by a very
enthusiastic but somewhat scattered grad student who had never given a
tour before. We learned where to get cheap food, movies, and beer. He
also showed us the library that contains a book made of human skin--

The tour ended and Evan and I went to get his student card and check
in with the school officially. We are now in the air conditioned
computer science building and he has picked up his office keys--he
didn't know that he got office space. "there's even a computer!"

From here we plan to get groceries and head to our site on the
Connecticut border, and have a relaxing evening. Waking up at 6:30 and
walking a lot in the heat and humidity has made me a little tired.

Evan is excited about starting his new life as a grad student. He's
got a new country, new address, new office and a new name--he's not
going by Evan here, he's Sungmin now (but still Evan to me).

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