Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm much more comfortable in a tent than on the highway

We packed up with the rain clouds looming, but got everything in the
car, and on the road before the first drops fell.

Luckily the storm was short lived. We ran into a bit of a traffic jam,
and that is saying something, because these were 3-5 lanes of
traffic! Evan kept me calm and helped to navigate the 3dimensional
maze of highways. We went through the big dig tunnel and lost GPS and
had to do a minor amount of recalculating to get to the science museum.

This is the best science museum I have ever seen. Better than Toronto,
London and one in Japan. It's the very first science museum for Evan,
and we both had a hard time leaving!

We saw an IMAX, and a 3D movie, did. Lots of hands on explorations of
different concepts, saw an incredible display of electricity on the
original, and largest Van der Graff generator in the world.

We saw whale and dinosaur skeletons, and interacted with some
artificial intelligence programs. Evan appreciated these displays a
lot since he knows how challenging the computer science is.

We both bought glow in the dark Tshirts and can be total geeks
together. We were too tired to try them out last night though.

At six we pulled ourselves from the exhibits, we could easily have
spent 12 hours there! The drive to Gloucester was ok; it got better
the farther we got from Boston.

Arriving at Cape Ann, we got to choose our site. The place is big, and
at about 50% capacity. We chose a rather isolated tenting site that is
not too far from the bathrooms and water. The tent was up and our camp
set up by dusk, and then we ventured out to get some groceries. We
have a neverending block of ice, good for almost 5 days, so we are
enjoying cheese, yogurt, eggs and crisp vegetables.

Evan is getting better at grocery shopping, and cooked up a fantastic
pasta dinner. I found bisquick and made cinnamon buns for dessert on
the reflector oven. Fires have to be out by 11, so we cut it pretty

It is dark, quiet, humid, and buggy here. Evan still gets more bites
than me, but I'm catching up.

We are having lots of fun, and learning new things each day. Evan is
now able to let his sense of humour escape now and again in English.
He is a very funny guy.

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