Thursday, August 12, 2010

It is really difficult to be a mermaid

After a leisurely pancake breakfast we set off to Marconi beach on the
Atlantic side of Cape Cod. Climbing down the wooden staircase over the
sand bluff that warns of collapse, we could see a beach that was
colourfully decorated with umbrellas, towels, and plenty of families.
The surf was great, and the tide was still coming in, so if we were
being pushed anywhere, it was toward shore. We played in the crashing
waves, feeling the sand erode beneath our feet as the waves pulled
away. It was very cold, but also too much fun, so we kept swimming
until we got goosebumps.

We tried to sit at the sand drop off, but the surf was too strong and
we got knocked over and scraped a little on the coarse sand. I was
thrown into another person who also seemed a bit surprised at the
power of the waves. This is when Evan exclaimed that it is difficult
to be a mermaid. He tried several times, with very limited success.

After buying one of every fresh vegetable at the tiny convenience/
grocery/fish/liquor store, and when Evan chose his beer of choice, we
returned to camp and made the best tinfoil packet meal, with banana
boats for dessert.

While waiting in line at the recycling station someone asked me if I
am Canadian. Apparently my dollarama bag that acts as our recycling
bag gave me away. It turns out that the majority of the tent campers
here are from Quebec! Most also have very limited English, so I
surprised them and used my French. I got some great travel advice from
them. They were quite chatty once they knew I could muddle my way
through a sentence or two. Actually, once I got going I impressed
myself with what I could say. Poor Evan was caught in a bit of a lost
in translation moment, but he now knows a few more French words.

We're still salty from the beach so it's going to be shower time and
then early to bed. Tomorrow is whale watching and exploration of sand
dunes in Provincetown.

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